Shenzhen Spring/Summer League 2017

We will be using our regular Tuesday night field @ Yunding and will be playing 5 vs 5. Teams will be comprised of hopefully 10-15 players based on availability to make all the dates. It sounds like a lot but with work schedules it should work out ok. 

Format: This will be a Tuesday night league. 1 hour of club team training and 1 one hour game. 5v5. 3:2 or 4:1 Offence Calls(in case a team is short girls or guys, team must play on missing that player(s)). Team Color will be assigned to each team and teams will be responsible to bring their team color each week AND a white shirt. If there is any color too similar, one team should go white. We will be offering a shirt at some point but it won't be ready at league start.

Since we finally will have Coach Eddie back and the main goal of our club is spreading the sport and teaching new players, we want to make sure we don’t waste time waiting for the league to finish to get Eddie involved again. League will incorporate time for regular training for new players and for our Club team and new player training.

Warm up: 8:00-8:15, 
Throw and warm up/group stretch
Training: 8:15-9:15 
SZUPA Superren Team training(not League Team)/new players can still come and train seperately with a volunteer coach 
Game: AvB and CvD 9:20-10:20 each week alternating
Spirit Circle: 5 minutes (Choose a spirit prize winner)

We will be finishing up each night at Juice Baby, Crafthead, or any local bar/eatery that partners with us for some delicious craft beer and food. 

Tentative Schedule:

Spring - Tuesdays 8:00-10:30PM unless otherwise stated

League Cantina Mixer @ Nanshan Ershi - Pickup with all the league players so captains can meet you
First night of League
5/4 May the 4th Be With You! Pre Finals Party! (Thursday)
5/8 League Semi Finals and Championship
5/12 Awards Ceremony Party @ TBD

Semifinals & Finals (This Date may be moved to a Sunday in order to have a better organised league awards ceremony and party)

In case of some field conflict, the day will be rescheduled to a Sunday at Nanshan 2nd Experimental School near Happy Valley 3-5.


Joining us again this league will be Bionic Brew with their great craft beer and Moonshine Limited with their delicious flavored Shine(unaged whiskey) made right here in SZ.

We are looking for more sponsors:) If you know someone willing to make a fair exchange with our club, please introduce Jeff.

The League will be continuing @ Yunding Xue Xiao to avoid the hectic tournament schedule in the Spring and Summer.


What you get:

Lots of Ultimate, a nice turf field to play on, prizes and medals if you win. A case of beer from Bionic Brew will be provided to the team in second place team. Overall winning team will receive awesome shorts. :) 

Fees will mostly focus on getting enough money to cover the full league's field rental cost, jerseys, and prizes.

Pickup Players: Fees for pickup players not joining the league will be 50RMB for the night, same as regular training day. Pickups will only be added if needed by the teams and decided fairly by the captains. Players coming to train only, like new players will only be charged 30RMB for the first training hour.

Any extra cash not used by the end will be placed in the club's rainy day fund which is used to pay for medicine in our kit, days when we rent a field and are short people, and hopefully some new fun things we have planned like giveaways of free entrance to a hat tournament, trainings to people, free discs, contests, etc. 

Please make all payments to David Zhou(Treasurer). Wechat: redbaronmia

Cost Breakdown:

Please do your part to make this a successful event, we need people to join so ask your friends, post on your wechat moments, groups, weibo, anything you can to get the word out:)

We can't wait to start and see you all!
Shenzhen Ultimate Players Association Organizing Committee

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